About Us

What do we do?

NAEVUS is a unique service for skin cancer detection using advanced computer technology and high definition digital photography screening (Digital Dermoscopy) that provides you with immediate results. Naevus (pronounced ‘nee-vus’) is from the Latin and is the medical term for mole. 

Digital Dermoscopy is a new and exciting technology. It is a research based approach to early detection of melanoma. It involves the use of digital technology along with a dermatoscope to provide a vastly magnified view of structural changes within moles and other skin lesions at a stage long before that visible to the naked eye. This greatly increases the accuracy of the early diagnosis of melanoma and skin cancer.

The system used is ‘Fotofinder Dermoscope’ that has been developed by the Dermatology Department of the University of Tuebingen in Germany. The system has a diagnostic sensitivity of 96% and Diagnostic specificity of 93%.

Early Diagnosis is the Key

Moles of potential concern are mapped to the site on the body, dermoscopically scanned and assessed by the dermoscopist. In addition they can be subjected to computer analysis using the expert system developed in Germany. All Images are stored and can be recalled and directly compared to future images, ensuring any suspicious changes are picked up, usually considerably earlier than is possible using the naked eye.

The Imaging Process

When you undergo a NAEVUS scan, our highly trained, female dermoscopic Nurses will first assess your skin type and risk factors before doing an initial examination of your skin (excluding areas beneath your underwear, unless you have a lesion of concern to show them). Each lesion of concern will be marked, mapped to the area on your body and imaged using the Fotofinder Medicam 500 with all images being permanently stored in your confidential file. The dermoscopic images are then all assessed by the imaging dermoscopist as well as the overseeing dermoscopy Doctor. The lesions can also be assessed by the expert computerised algorithm within the Fotofinder Software. The initial scan takes about 1 hour to complete.

Generally for a whole body scan you will be required to bare either the upper or lower part of your body at any one time, however your underwear will remain in place. For single lesion or partial assessments only the area of your body involved will be exposed.